PLEASE READ Before Booking Your Appointment:

I choose to work with a limited amount of clients so I could create a personalized and productive experience for each and every one.

Please make sure you have some recent (preferably within 6 months) basic blood work labs and/or recommendations/diagnosis/referrals from your primary care provider or other healthcare practitioner.

I would be happy to order additional advanced testing to evaluate Nutrient, Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies, Hormone Status, Cortisol and Stress Assessment, GI Assessment with Parasitology etc. 

Testing kits will be shipped directly to you from the lab. You pay directly to the lab.

Please familiarize yourself with some advanced nutritional evaluation testing that I use:

Genova Diagnostics  - Nutrient Deficiencies, Stool Analysis, GI Assessment  

Precision Analytical  - Hormones 

Also, please note the conditions that I specialize in. You can always schedule a 20 min consult, and if I cannot be of service, I would be happy to refer you to the qualified nutritionist, physician or therapist who specializes in your condition.

The Heath Store Dispensary is available for all clients at 15% discount. I usually work on creating a specific protocol with supplement recommendations, which upon your approval will be shipped directly to your home.

All clients have an option of auto shipments of all recommended supplements/botanicals in addition to all other items you choose yourself ( clean cosmetic lines, food items etc).

If we decide to work together, please be ready for a serious commitment! Have an open mind, open heart, trust your intuition and know that human body is a very complex, intelligent and intuitive mechanism. It requires love, patience, self-care and more patience! 

There are several plans and protocols to choose from. Please go to the booking page and check them out! 

I specialize in Nutritional Protocols for the following:

Gastrointestinal and Autoimmune Conditions


The immune system is an amazing protective mechanism, defending our body from numerous exogenous offenders like viruses, parasites, toxins or endogenous threats like malignant cells. It all begins in the GI tract,  which represents almost 70% of the entire immune system!

Immunodeficiency, unfortunately, is becoming the next epidemic. My protocols will provide you with some of the most powerful natural methods and practices of boosting your immune system with diet, botanicals, proper supplementation and lifestyle modification.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia


These conditions are becoming ubiquitous in our modern society. I study and research continuously to be up to date with new scientific information. 

I accept only a few new patients every month, so I could have ample time and attention to help you formulate the plan and protocol specific for your condition.

Read my Research Paper on the subject of Fibromyalgia and what Functional Medicine approach could offer!

Mold, Bacterial and Viral Infections


Most health conditions are triggered by a specific environmental stressor or event which could include viral or bacterial infection, Mold, Lyme disease with numerous bacterial and viral co-infections etc.  

Before starting any Nutritional Protocol, it is imperative to properly test and identify infections/pathogens that could impair your ability to heal and detoxify. 

I personally have spend years creating the right protocol for my own challenges in this category. 

Preconception and Fertility


Preconception is my favorite subject, where proper nutritional assessment could have a profound effect on the health of the future baby and the whole family. Preconception Counseling is imperative to ensure lifelong health for our future generations. Your future baby's health depends on your nutritional status and availability of nutrients, vitamins, minerals as essential building blocks of the healthy human being.

Infertility, PCOS, PMS are issues that, sadly, are becoming more and more prevalent, especially in younger girls! These health issues are very heartbreaking for me to see, and I believe we have to make an extra effort to educate young people.

Nutrigenomic Questions


It is difficult to navigate this rapidly growing field of science, but genetic predispositions (SNPs) and the way they are influenced by our immediate environments is profound! 

However, we are not just a collection of genes, we are so much more! We now understand that diet, lifestyle and environment are the most important factors in gene expression or silencing.

I, myself, am a carrier of one of the most well researched FTO SNPs (I call it FATSO gene) which makes me 70% more likely to be obese. However, I will never be :o) Let me share how...

Botanical Medicine


Herbal and Botanical products are certainly the most appreciated and most popular products in my practice. My Graduate degree included a course in Botanical Medicine, most powerful and intuitive field of healing that existed and nourished us for many centuries. We can now understand and build upon our ancestor's knowledge using the latest advances in human biochemistry and plant medicine.

Botanicals could be incorporated into our daily life in many forms: teas, foods, body care products, aromatics.